Nowadays a mass of fake batteries can be seen everywhere in the market. Explosion caused by counterfeit batteries has happened over and again. Consumers may get injured or property damaged, and meanwhile the fake battery sellers may be accused.


Tomo Battery is committed to providing you with authentic lithium-ion batteries, especially cylindrical 18650 batteries. You and Tomo Battery, we together crack down on counterfeit and dangerous batteries.


Why You Choose Tomo Battery?

1. We only sell authentic Li-Ion batteries.

2. The authentic Li-Ion batteries are being well tested by us.

3. We won’t ensure you our price is lowest but we ensure you what you paid is the price for authentic Li-Ion batteries.

4. We will do our best to maximize your profits.

5. We are honest, hard-working, and professional.

6. We can offer you efficient consulting services, for free.


Primarily Tomo Battery focuses on large and wholesale orders of lithium-ion batteries, particularly 18650 battery. Any direct sales please contact our official retail store.