Test of Samsung ICR18650-26F Battery 1


1. Official Data Sheet
2. Appearance Inspection & Battery Code Interpretation
3. Size Measurements & Weight Measurements
4. Discharge Test & Analysis
5. Resistance Test & Analysis
6. Conclusion

Official Data Sheet

Before you check this test, you can open the Samsung ICR18650-26F Data Sheet first here, which is convenient for you to do a comparison with our test results.

Appearance Inspection & Battery Code Interpretation


Samsung 26F has a purple PVC, on which there’ re three lines of codes.
1. On the first line, “ICR18650” shows the model, and “26F” tells that the capacity is 2600mAh, and also from “F”, we can figure out it was manufactured in Korea, because the 2600mAh batteries manufactured in Malaysia are called “26F M” or “26H M”.
2. On the second line, “SAMSUNG” tells the brand, and “SDI” also indicates that it was manufactured in Korea. It’ll be written “SDIEM” if it is manufactured in Malaysia.
3. On the third line, we’ll find out the manufacture date is in May, 2015. As for how to identify the battery date code, please check this post Recognize Samsung 18650 Battery Manufacture Date Code.

Size Measurements & Weight Measurements


The weight of this battery is 44.50g.


Measure it with a digital caliper. The length is 65,0mm.


And the width is 18.3mm.

Discharge Test & Analysis

Test of Samsung ICR18650-26F Battery-EBD MINI V3

In the whole discharge test, the instrument we will use is EBD MINI V3 Battery Tester / Power Bank Tester. EBD MINI V3 is a low – amp testing tool. Even though the maximum ampere discharge is locked at 3A not the full 20A, it can still test the battery performance very well, and the data is very accurate.

1. Picture above is the discharge test result. We observed that the capacity is 2662mAh, which is much more than the official nominal capacity 2600mAh, even if it’s discharged at 2.60A, a relatively high-ampere. This shows its super performance.

2. On the picture it can be seen that the curve is flat in a way. This suggest that the discharge is peaceful and stable. Indeed a good battery needs peaceful and stable discharge characteristic. When working if a battery can stabilizes in a voltage 3.6V for a long time( actually the higher voltage and the longer time, the better), this battery must be very good. From the curve, we find that the voltage over 3.6V has stayed for about 30 minutes( the whole discharge time is 1h).

3. Additionally the professional guy should know that the higher average voltage, the better, and the average voltage had better be more than 3.6V. We see that the average voltage is 3.58V. It is not so perfect, but not bad.

Resistance Test & Analysis


EBD MINI V3 can also test the resistance. The tested resistance is 55mR. Resistance less than 60 can be ranked as Grade A. 55mR is not so perfect but OK.


Base on all testings above, it can be concluded that Samsung ICR18650-26F battery is very good. Especially when we combine its performance with its low price, we’ll find it a perfect choice.

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